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R&D: Use cutting-edge technology to invent products of the future
R&D: Use cutting-edge technology to invent products of the future

R&D: Use cutting-edge technology to invent products of the future


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The Magic behind our brands  

This is the team who has come up with some of the world’s most well-known brands, like SKII, Ariel, JOY, Pantene, Pampers, researched, developed, refined, tested and perfected them. R&D professionals at P&G work with advanced technology to launch products that have the potential to change the marketplace and shape the future of the industry.  

P&G is a powerhouse of data. We’re proud to say that behind every brand is robust science —and equally remarkable scientistswomen and men who are among the world’s foremost experts and who have dedicated their careers to understanding consumers, head to toe, at every stage and every age, so they can bring amazing science into consumer’s life every day.  We’re talking cutting-edge technology, "hands-on" labs and pilot plants, 41,000+ active patents and a team full of inventors. 

Consumer at the center:

We believe innovation starts with the consumer. (“Consumer is Boss”) We start research and development by firstly understanding and exploring consumer needs. We constantly strive to understand the changing needs of potential consumers and the needs that existing products cannot fully meet. Through this effort, we can generate ideas for many new products or products that are ahead of the time. On the other hand, existing technologies and new-emerging technologies based on basic research can also trigger the creation of ideas for new products. Ideas or prototypes that realize the possible technology are created,  refined, and tested to create consumer delight. Innovation occurs when “What’s Needed” (but hasn’t been experienced) is matched with “What’s Possible” (but hasn’t been developed).

In P&G, Consumer is at the center of everything we do. And, every single day, we work to find new and better ways to help people and improve their lives in small but meaningful ways with our brands and products.





イノベーションは消費者から始まると考えています (“Consumer Is Boss”)。私たちはまず、消費者ニーズを理解することから研究開発に取り掛かります。私たちは常に、時代とともに変化する潜在的な消費者のニーズや、これまでの製品では充分に満たせなかったニーズを理解しようと努力を重ねています。この努力により、数多くの新製品、または時代を先取りした製品のアイデアを生み出すことが出来ます。一方、既存技術や基礎研究による新しいテクノロジーもまた、新製品のアイデアを創り出す引き金となりえます。可能性のある技術を使用したアイディアやプロトタイプを作成、改良、テストし、消費者を喜ばせ満足させることができるかを確かめます。優れたイノベーションは、「何が求められているか (What’s Needed?)」と「何が作りえるか(What’s Possible?)」をうまくかけ合わせることでおきます。



More About R&D

P&G R&D is a world-wide organization with 13 innovation centers globally. In addition to the Kobe Innovation Center located in Japan, the other innovation centers are shown below. 

P&G R&Dは、世界に13のイノベーションセンターを持つ世界規模の組織です。日本にある神戸イノベーションセンターに加えて、他のイノベーションセンターは次のとおりです:

There are various disciplines within the R&D organization, with each discipline in charge with investing in the development of key capabilities and technologies that are critical to the future of P&G R&D.  We build technical mastery through these disciplines, which is essential for breakthrough innovation.  Some examples of these disciplines are:

  • Products Research Discipline 
  • Innovation Center Operations Discipline 
  • Data & Modeling Science Discipline 
  • Packaging Discipline 
  • BioSciences Discipline

R&D組織にはさまざまな分野があり、各分野はP&G R&Dの将来にとって重要な主要機能とテクノロジーの開発への投資を担当しています。私たちは画期的なイノベーションに不可欠なこれらの分野を通じて技術的な熟練を築きます。これらの分野のいくつかの例は次のとおりです:

  • Products Research Discipline 
  • Innovation Center Operations Discipline 
  • Data & Modeling Science Discipline 
  • Packaging Discipline 
  • BioSciences Discipline


    Career development

    Career path in R&D: There are two different career tracks to follow in R&D at P&G: Researcher career track, and Scientist career track. In principle, "Associate Scientist" and "Associate Researcher" will be the entry positions. Scientist Career Track (in blue color), branches into two career paths.  One is primarily a management career, you will eventually manage new product development projects and R&D organization. The other is a technical careerwhere you will build high technical expertise in specific areas, and lead innovations that are important for business from the technical aspect. Researcher Career Track (in orange color), as a technical specialist in product development, you will eventually become a core carrier of P&G's technical resources that solve technology-related problems in product development.

    P&G training is designed according to career levels or job types, so you can receive the appropriate trainings you need when you need it. When you join the company, for exampleyou will firstly need to find out what knowledge and capabilities you need to acquire. At this phase, new hire orientation across functions and dedicated onboarding for R&D new hires are well planned so you can be firmly prepared with necessary knowledge to quickly start R&D job. From the second year onwardsthe number of trainings available will increase based on needs and purpose. You can find out what kind of knowledge and capabilities you want to acquire and take trainings when you need it, so you can grow more efficiently. Of course, daily work is also a great place to learn and grow. You are expected to grow every day while watching the work of the seniors around you. 

    R&Dで入社後のキャリアパス: 原則「アソシエイト サイエンティスト」及び、「アソシエイト リサーチャー」がエントリーポジションとなります。 ブルーのサイエンティストキャリアは、2つのキャリアパスに分岐します。1つは、主にマネジメントキャリアとして、最終的には新製品プロジェクトやR&D組織を管理するキャリアになります。もう1つは、テクニカルキャリアとして、ある特定の分野で高い専門性を築き、技術面からビジネスに重要なイノベーションをリードしていくキャリアになります。オレンジのリサーチャーキャリアトラックでは、製品開発を実行するテクニカルエキスパート(技術専門家)として、最終的には、開発上の技術関連課題を解決するP&Gのテクニカルリソース(技術資産)のコアを担うキャリアになります。




    Q01. Is there any different offering or screening criteria for Associate degree, Bachelor, Master and PhD degreee?
    A01. We have multiple roles and positions in R&D, each position has different technical requirements, such as position that requires a PhD degree. We have separate criteria and recruiting activities for Master degree from Associate degree/Bachelor degree. No matter which course you are in, all candidates need to pass P&G recruiting criteria.  *Job application for Bachelor Degree is currently not open.  For Associate Degree (Kosen graduates), please go to "Kosen Saiyo site" following the link at the top right of this page.  
    Q02. Is there any advantage of specific major/education background at University?
    A02. P&G has various brands and products in the market, our technical areas for product development are mainly chemistry and chemical engineering, meanwhile, there are also categories where you can leverage the technical knowledge of mechanical engineering, pharmacology, biology, etc. As long as you have scientific education at university, we are not limiting majors for recruiting. It is more important that you meet P&G's recruiting criteria. (However, we expect that you will leverage your scientific educations in R&D career as much as possible. With this expectation, it is rarfor us to hire a person with Electrical/ Informatics background, since there are very few positions in R&D which require this knowledge.) 
    P&Gの製品は多岐に渡っており、技術分野も化学・化学工学を中心としていますが、機械工学、薬学、生物学などの知識を活かすことのできるカテゴリーもあります。研究開発本部では、基本的に大学で理系の専攻であれば、その中での専攻は重視しておりません。専攻よりも前に、P&Gの採用基準を満たしているかどうかが重要視されます。( ただし、できる限り、大学での専攻を仕事に活かしていただきたいと考えておりますので、研究開発の中で、大学で学んだことを活用できる範囲が非常に少ない電気・情報系の方は、採用することが非常に稀です。)
    Q03. Do you have Job Rotation across functions?


    We do not have a regular job rotation across functions for all employees. This is meant to help employees develop an in-depth career within one function by eliminating cross-functional change. The employees can develop technical knowledge and skills through multiple tasks and experiences in the function, which enables them to perform high level jobs from an early stage.
    Q04. Is there any chance to move to other function by personal preference after joined the company?
    A04. In principle, we do not transfer an employee to other functions by regular basis. In P&G, there is periodical career conversation opportunity where you can discuss your career with your manager. The manager will support your cross-functional transfer, when he/she agrees that you can maximize your capability/skills in other functions. Separately, the company has “Open Job Posting” (Internal Job Posting System), and employees can apply to an open position (including other functions). We own our career and we make decision for our career.
    Q05. When and how the initial category/group will be assigned?


    In R&D, we assign the initial category/group to a candidate in the recruiting process. We review and understand the business needs of each product category and assess which category fits the candidate based on the candidate’s capabilities, scientific background and career interest. There is no commitment that our category assignment will meet the candidate’s interest and preference.
    Q06. How does the training program look like?


    Our training can be categorized to 3 groups: 1) On the Job Training (OJT), 2) Functional Training and 3) Corporate Training. All trainings are rich variety both quantitatively and qualitatively.
      P&Gのトレーニングは基本的に 3 つにわけて説明することができます。 (1)オン・ザ・ジョブ・トレーニング (実務訓練) (2)ファンクショナルトレーニング (職種別トレーニング) (3)コーポレートトレーニング (会社全体としてのもの) があります。それぞれ質・量的に非常に充実したものといえます。
    Q07. Do I have any chance to be on an international assignment?


    Yes. You have a chance to be transferred to other Innovation Center outside of Japan after you join Kobe Innovation Center. R&D is a global organization, we collaborate and work together with other Innovation Centers for development works or technology transfer.  You also have a chance to be on a short-term international assignment or training assignment in other sites.
    Q08.  Are the product package and formula the same across the world? If not, how are they different? 
      製品のパッケージ(包装)やフォーミュラ(処方)は世界共通なのですか? もし違うならどのように違うのですか?


    We design the product package and formula with the intent to serve global market. However, consumer needs vary by regions and countries because of their lifestyles, therefore we develop products to meet specific consumer needs in that region. For instance, Japanese consumers wash clothes twice as frequent as US consumers, while Japanese consumers drive for shopping less than US consumers. This is the background that we developed and launched a concentrated laundry detergent in Japan. The technology of this detergent is also applied to US products. For other case, the formula of shampoo is adjusted for different types of hair by race, fragrance (perfume) is also adjusted to meet the consumer preference in the region.
    たとえば、日本の消費者はアメリカの消費者の2倍頻度で洗濯を行うという違い、買い物に行く時の自動車の利用率がアメリカより低い日本でコンパクトタイプの洗剤が生まれ、逆にその技術はアメリカなどでも活かされています。また、人種の違いからくる髪質の違いに対応するためシャンプーやリンスなどのフォーミュラは調整されますし、そうした製品のフレグランス (香料) もそれぞれの国の消費者の好みに合わせています。

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